The Customer is Always Right!

HA! “The customer is always right” or “..always number one” was the case most of the time during my years working retail. Not all the time but just most of the time. Being in management, I had to deal with the worst of the customers that were normally handed off to me from associates working under me. However, that’s what you’re paid to do in management.. Deal with the worst of them. I put on that smile and just did what it took to make the customer a satisfied customer.

There are times when you just want to tell the customer to get off your back and go away. Most people who work in the retail world feels this at one time or another. I dealt with all types. You really don’t have an understanding of the people around us really are until you work retail. It just seems the true colors of people come out when they are customers in a retail store.

Popcopy Training Video (Warning: Contains profanity)