Is It Necessary?

While having lunch at White Castle, I noticed the normal napkin dispenser was replaced with this automatic napkin dispensing unit. The first thing I asked myself when I saw this, ” Is this really necessary?” I looked at it, used it myself, and observed others using it at the restaurant.

A major problem I’ve noticed is that it only dispenses 6 napkins at a time and then you have to wait 20 seconds before it will allow napkins to be dispensed again. Yes, it only allows 1 person to take 6 napkins but what if that person is a large group or family? Also, if there is a person behind you waiting to get napkins, that person will now have to wait 20 seconds before being able to get napkins.

I did some research on this dispenser. It costs between $200 to $400 each. I thought to myself it’s another case of a small business owner, “pinching pennies, wasting dollars.” Yes, it will save from customers taking excessive napkins; however, it really causes an inconvenience in the restaurant. Customers getting fast food are there for what it is.. FAST FOOD. They don’t want to be inconvenienced. If a customer has a problem or is inconvenienced at a location, he or she is likely not to return. Is having this napkin dispenser that will save the franchise owner a few dollars in napkin costs worth losing the customers not returning from being inconvenienced. People see inconvenience as bad service.