High School Memories…


This video was a part of the final for my Spanish 2 class. It was made during my sophomore year of high school way back in 1999. It’s supposed to be a commercial for a store but it really seems more like an infomercial.  I still get a laugh every time I watch this video.

My Spanish speaking was horrible and I personally feel it’s a little embarrassing. Plus, I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing. Surprisingly, I got an A- on this video and ended up with an A- as my final grade in that class. It was filmed at Dundee-Crown High School in an empty classroom during lunch. This was before the school got its major renovation so the classroom still looks a little sad. I was really supposed to memorize my lines but I thought cue cards would be a better idea and I’m glad I went with cue cards.

I do apologize about the crappy video quality. We didn’t have digital video recorders back then. There was no HD, no 1080i, no 16×9, etc. We had 8mm video tapes and camcorders at the time. Over the years, a couple people have requested to see it so I am now making it public. During this time, I had no knowledge proper lighting, white balancing, the IRIS, proper camera movements, etc. In the past month at Illinois Media school, my camera skills have vastly improved; so if I were to ever re-shoot this commercial, I definitely would produce a much better product.